Arietta Winery - Bordeaux style Napa Wine

Wines Born of a Passion for Music

Arietta is our name for wines born of a passion for music. The name Arietta, meaning short aria or art song, expresses our belief that all great wines must sing. Both wine and song should “take flight,” in the course of which the qualities of balance, vibrancy, depth, overtones, and complexity resonate and give us a sense of exaltation.

Arietta’s 25th Anniversary Hudson Red Wines

After the generous and grand 2018 vintage, it was difficult for us to imagine anything better. But the 2019 Napa vintage may be it. We are thrilled to offer you three Hudson Red Wines: Arietta’s original wine, the Arietta Red Wine H Block Hudson Vineyards, Arietta Merlot Hudson Vineyards, and Arietta Red Wine Variation One.

Arietta’s 25th Anniversary Hudson Red Wines

Ultra-premium Napa winery specializing in limited production Bordeaux-style blends

Arietta Wine Bordeaux-style blends - Proprietors Fritz and Caren Frutig Hatton
Arietta Wine Bordeaux-style blends - Cabernet Sauvignon