Arietta On the White Keys Artists’ Reserve Reviews


Lemon confit, apricot jam, mint, chamomile and light honeyed notes all run through the 2017 Artists Reserve On The White Keys – Arietta’s top white. The 2017 is beautifully resonant and plush. It preserves plenty of its signature character with a bit more acidity than in the past, which is certainly a positive. – Antonio Galloni (January 2020) 93 points


The 2016 On the White Keys Artist’s Reserve, Arietta’s top white, is terrific. Apricot, chamomile, light honey, mint and a dollop of French oak fill out the wine’s generous frame effortlessly. This is an especially powerful, imposing white, and yet all the elements are deftly woven together. – Antonio Galloni (January 2020) 93 points


A rich, lush wine, the 2015 On The White Keys Artists’ Reserve captures all the intensity of the vintage plus the natural richness that develops from the additional 8-10 months the wine spends in barrel. Orange blossom, honey, crème brûlée, chamomile and apricot jam add to the wine’s decidedly extroverted feel. The 2015 is a big wine, but it is also impeccably balanced. – Antonio Galloni (January 2018) 94 points


The 2014 On The White Keys Artists’ Reserve is rich, creamy and expressive. The higher percentage of Sémillon adds breadth, but like the straight On The  White Keys, the Artists’ Reserve stands out for its textural richness and depth. – Antonio Galloni (May 2017) 92 points